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Happy new year, internet world! The last few weeks have been wonderful with lots of festive fun and travels. Now that the new year has begun, I have started working hard on a few hats that will be the perfect accompaniment to this lovely hot summer we are having.

The hat I made today was supposed to be a cute little narrow brimmed casual hat from a 1930s pattern. What I loved about it was the fact that you tie it up for your headsize and the ties also act as a lovely trim. Here’s the original pattern pic:

One thing I knew straight away was that I’d have to change the brim completely if this hat were to offer any actual sun protection. What I didn’t count on was the fact that it’s a very shallow crown (or potentially a child size pattern..?) so it really doesn’t fit over the whole head. You can see on my hat block that it sits sort of at the back if the head. It would never survive a windy day!

Not to worry! I set about redesigning the shape and size of the crown piece to accommodate my (tiny) adult cranium, and potentially up to about 24″ headsize (yet to be tested on a larger head!); a part-maths-part-intuition exercise. The results were fabulous! So much so that I decided to line the second toile and keep it as is! The crown is much deeper and sits quite securely on the head when the ties have been adjusted to the appropriate size. And I think the bow looks pretty ace.

Anyway, I was so pleased with this bad boy that I decided to reward the effort with a trip to the beach! The new hat passed the test: the brim I made is wide enough to keep the sun outta my face and the hat doesn’t fly off in the wind. I wish I had made this before my sunny trip to Asia.. It was well needed and would have fit so easily in my luggage. And now for the gratuitous beach photos!



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