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I love recycling. I adore finding things that nobody else wants anymore and putting them to good use. Most of the time, I apply this to making things in the form of wearables. However, this time it was all about the cookins.

Step 1: Collect a bucket of lemons from a lady on freecycle (so plump and fragrant! – the lemons, not the lady).

Step 2: Make lemon cake using this vegan lemon cake recipe.

I followed the cake recipe to a tee and it came out beautifully! The cake was moist, fluffy and just perfect. I definitely recommend this to all cake lovers.

Step 3: Make lemon curd using this eggless lemon curd recipe.

The making of the lemon “curd” wasn’t as successful in terms of its final consistency. I found it too runny when heating. Eventually when I turned the heat off and the mixture began to cool, the cornstarch became lumpy and hard to break. I ended up manually removing the lumps, resulting in a liquidy consistency. It did taste quite lovely despite that.

And the result:

This was a delicious lemon cake, especially after sitting in the fridge for a day! And the perfect thing to enjoy with a cup of cawfee.


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