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So, I’ve been saving the de-juiced, de-zested lemon halves from the delicious vegan lemon cake, with the view to making a tasty lemon jam. It was quite the successful little experiment, so I thought I’d share the recipe.


  • de-juiced, de-zested lemon halves or old lemons that might have been sitting in fridge for a little while (some of my lemon halves were up to a month or so old) – 3 or 4 lemons worth in total
  • 1 ordinary lemon (juice, zest and all)
  • water
  • sugar (start with 1/4 of a cup, or add more if you like it sweeter)


1. Remove the pips from your lemons, then cut up all lemons halves as finely as you could be bothered.

I ended up with a small tub worth of lemony bits.

2. Transfer the chopped lemons into a pan and cover with water. Bring to boil and allow to boil for about 15-20mins, stirring occasionally.

3. Transfer the pot to an unused burner, get your masher out and begin to mash! Be careful here when you do this – the lemony mixture will be very hot and may splash onto your skin. Once the the mixture is pleasantly mushy (there should still be some chunks in there, depending on how finely you chopped the lemons in the first step), transfer your pot back to heat.

4. Turn the heat down to medium and add 1/4 cup of sugar, stirring thoroughly. Repeat this process until the mixture is as sweet as you like it (I used about 3/5 cup of sugar). Allow it to cook for another 15 mins or so (it will probably boil again) – you will need to stir it more frequently at this step, or the sugary lemon bits may burn.

5. Once the consistency is to your liking (mine was just thicker than syrup, with chunks), and the colour of the jam is orange turn off the heat and allow the pot to stand and cool.

6. Once cooled, you can transfer the jam into jars and then slather all over your toast! I ended up with 3 jars. The taste was mostly sweet, with a mildly bitter bite from the zest of the lemon that hadn’t been de-zested.



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