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Turquoise. Beautiful, vibrant turquoise. I am about half way through making a wonderful 1930’s turquoise coat. I’ve been working on it here and there, and it’s taking a very long time.. in fact, I fear that winter will be over by the time I’ve finished making it!

I gathered the inspiration from images of 1930’s coats:

The thing I love about 30’s coats, is the form-fitting shape, elongating the body; as well as the dramatic collar shapes. The coat I’ve been working on definitely captures these elements, with the addition of large dramatic cuffs. My vision was a coat that was classic in shape combined with the comfort of a dressing gown. Luckily, I managed to find the right sort of second hand materials to make this:

  • thin turquoise fleece fabric (more like lightweight modern hoodie fabric) from an op shop,
  • second hand flannel bed sheets (white with green polka dots!) to act as interlining and lining, from an op shop,
  • light turquoise polyester (for facing), from an op shop,
  • heavy upholstery material (such as is used for car seat upholstery) to stiffen collar and cuffs, from Reverse Garbage,
  • large grey marbled look vintage buttons, from friend.

I loosely followed a 1930’s pattern to make the coat, altering the bodice for a more “standard” shoulder and sleeve design (as per most of the above coats). I adjusted the coat proportions to fit my body measurements, which was a bit of a fiddly task, considering the number of paramters I had to change. But it seems to have worked rather well! Thank goodness I did a mock-up of the coat in cotton first! That would definitely be my advice to anyone undertaking a challenging sewing activity, where proper garment fit may be an issue.

Here is the pattern I altered:

In other news, this week I will be setting out to get through my 1960’s costume pieces (for film)! And hopefully at the end of all of this, my coat will receive a little bit more attention.

The four dresses I’ve been working on are nearly finished! Just the hand sewing to go (aargh hems will be the death of me). Here are my inspiration images for the set:

Go, motivation, go!


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